Recommended Partners

"Adraft offers a practical approach to engineering and design technology to help you increase productivity and decrease time to market. Founded in 1988, Adraft specializes in helping companies with their overall CAD/CAE needs, keeping in mind both technical as well as business requirements and the future direction of these applications and technology. We concentrate in the major areas of manufacturing: mechanical design, electrical controls design, plant engineering and design, and product lifecycle management. We also assist companies that design engineered products in sales automation and technical marketing. For the past 25 years, we have been pleased to define ourselves as not only as an engineering management firm, but also as a value-added reseller, training institution, design/drafting service, implementation house, technical support center and consultancy." ttp://

"ClearEdge3D has a track record of technological innovation and thought leadership in the Automated Feature Extraction, laser scanning and 3D modeling space. The company was founded in 2006 by recognized experts in the field of computer vision, hyperspectral data analysis, and LiDAR data analysis. The first version of EdgeWise Building™ focused on building and terrain modeling and was launched in 2009.  The technology rapidly gained customer traction and industry acclaim. In 2011 EdgeWise Plant™ was released for the process manufacturing and plant modeling industry, which was soon followed by EdgeWise MEP™." -

Collaboration Systems Group

"At CSG the difference is in our approach, and our industry experience.  With our extensive CAD background, coupled with our experience in implementing Network Infrastructure, CSG has the ability to focus on solving process and delivery issues for A/E/C firms across the United States.  CSG is not a “high volume” reseller, and we don’t try to be.  Instead, we focus on solving our client’s problems, issues, and being a member of your team. CSG is recognized as Riverbed’s “go-to” partner for the implementation of Riverbed solutions for the A/E/C sector.  We achieved this status by understanding the concept of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the impact it would have on the A/E/C market.  Movement to a BIM workflow caused a change in how we worked with our remote offices and trusted partners." -                


"Fuzor is a multi-faceted software that takes your project from the conceptual design phase all the way through construction and facilities management. It is a VR solution, a 4D scheduler, a visualizer, an analysis tool, and much more, all bundled into a single powerful package. Fuzor supports many 3D model file types and transforms them into an easily explorable and editable space. With the Bidirectional Live Link Support for selected software, you can make changes in one program and have them appear in Fuzor and vice-versa with the click of a button." Check out their website and tell them that HALE TiP sent you!