BIM Management

The arrival of Building Information Modeling has presented challenges for many design and construction firms.  The transition to BIM requires a level of knowledge and expertise that cannot be gained by someone committing only part of their time to BIM. Many firms do not have the resources to dedicate full time personnel to the effort. It therefore makes sense to outsource this transition to BIM Managers who are experts in their field and can be utilized on an as-needed basis.  The following is a list of duties that we can perform as a BIM Manager for hire:  

MEP Example 2.jpg
  • Content and template creation

  • Application and standards training

  • As-built modeling

  • Design and construction modeling and coordination

  • Standards creation and maintenance

  • Strategic planning and technology budgeting

  • Research, innovate and develop

  • Project planning, setup, review and file management
  • Support services

  • Contract review

  • Software installations and management

Revit Project Setup/Checkup for Superior WAN Performance

Speed up Revit.png

The optimization of hardware and software becomes increasingly important when sharing project files across a dispersed project team using a wide area network (WAN).  We offer experienced Revit consulting that realizes the complexities of building projects and the associated difficulties of sharing these files over a WAN.  Please review our services for Revit Project Setup/Checkup for Superior WAN Performance

Design Technology Management

With the incorporation of building information modeling, companies begin to realize the benefits of the digital process and extend that information to other aspects of the project life-cycle.  We have extensive experience in leveraging other technologies that work hand in hand with the design and construction process.  Hale TiP is a complement to IT services, as we consider ourselves the application specialists.  We are quite familiar with the following processes and can help firms strategically plan and implement them into their daily workflow:

  • Mobile Technology
  • Paperless Workflow - Digital Review
  • Project Information Management (Submittals, RFI's, Change Orders, Punch Lists, Commissioning, etc..)
  • Building Performance Analysis
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Company Intranets