Revit and Navisworks Training


Hale TiP is a leading provider of CAD/BIM implementation and education services to enhance the AECO community from a technology driven perspective. We tailor prescriptive learning paths that build the skills, behaviors, and attitudes students need to design and coordinate BIMs. In addition, we offer implementation for 3D coordination, content and template creation, project kick-off and other advanced topics.  We are committed to providing the products and services architects, contractors, engineers, owners, and manufacturers need to function more efficiently.

Courses offered:


  • Fundamentals (All Disciplines)
  • Family Fundamentals (All Disciplines)
  • Multi-Discipline Coordination
  • Revit for Project Managers
  • Energy Analysis
  • Filtering for Graphics and Quality Control
  • BIM Management
  • Advanced Revit Families (All Disciplines)
  • Revit-Robot Structural Analysis
  • Revit Site Tools
  • Revit Graphics that Pop


  • Clash Detection and Multi-Discipline Coordination
  • Timeliner (4D Simulation)
  • Quantity Take-Off
  • Navisworks Render


  • Bluebeam
  • Go Mobile with Your Projects
  • Autodesk ReCap (3D Laser Scanning)
  • Autodesk Showcase
  • Autodesk Raster Design

Hale TiP provides a simple skills pre-assessment that will highlight strengths and help uncover problem areas. We assess knowledge retention from sequential course prerequisites and provide a measurable report of the student's knowledge.  We will review the results of the pre-assessment with you, then use the results as a framework for tailoring a personalized learning plan for your company.

Content/Template Creation and Implementation

The creation and management of company standard content is perhaps the greatest factor in productivity related to BIM/Revit performance.  If the users struggle to create or find content that meets their graphical and scheduling standards, then a project will suffer and expectations may not be met.  This is why Hale TiP focuses on the establishment of an extraordinary company template and elements that balance performance with complexity.  Each company has different expectations for what a BIM should do for them, and the content should be tailored to meet their needs.  

Our quality Revit content is created with the following considerations:

  • Design intent – the author has considered how the family will be used in a project.

  • Appropriate level of detail designed

  • Graphic guidelines

  • Adequate number of types created

  • Flexible use of parameters

  • Accuracy – complete, consistent presentation of product data

  • Standards – adheres to industry and company standards

  • Naming conventions

  • Parameter usage for calculations and schedules

  • Performance – content designed to reduce the performance impact of the family on a project

  • Thorough testing of the family parameters and types independently and in a project environment

  • Can be modified by others

We know from our own experience that all content required to complete a job may not be available the moment it is needed. Therefore, we make it our goal to implement templates and standards, in conjunction with training, that are easily understood, and that employees have participated in creating.  That content can then be updated and manipulated without being dependent upon Hale TiP.